If you are looking for free Ultimate Game Card or Free Alaplaya AP then you are in the right place. Follow the process bellow and get your free Alaplaya AP.

1. Visit www.ugcclub.com

2. Register a Free account

3. Login to your account

4. Click on "Earn Points" button

5. Complete surveys/offers from different offer tabs to earn points

6. Once you have enough points (1000 Points = $10 UGC, 2000 Points = $20 UGC) click on "Get Your Card" button.

7. Continue to redeem your card.

8. You will receive your Ultimate Game Card code in your email within few days.

How To Redeem Alaplaya AP

1. Visit http://en.alaplaya.net/

2. Login into your account

3. Click on "Buy AP" from top navigation bar

4. Select "Pay By Cash"


5. Select your topup product


6. Click "Pay Now"


7. Choose Your Payment Method


8. Enter your email and Ultimate Game Card Code that you received free from www.ugcclub.com