#. How does it work?

Ans: It's pretty simple. You have to register a free account. Earn points by completing survey/offers. To get a Free '$10 Ultimate Game Card' you have to earn total 1000 Points and for '$20 Ultimate Game Card' You will need total 2000 Points.

#. What's your profit by giving free cards?

Ans: We make money from our advertisers.

#. How much Points are worth?

  • 1000 Points = $10.00 Ultimate Game Card
  • 2000 Points = $20.00 Ultimate Game Card

#. Can I earn Points if there are no surveys/offers?

Ans: Simply copy your referral link and send that link to your friends. Tell them to sign up using that link. That’s pretty much you will have to do. Just wait until your friend take survey and earn points. You earn 10% bonus points on the points your referred user earns.

#. How are we going to send me the card?

Ans: To remove the hassle and cost of shipping physical cards we choose to send out the card codes to users registered email. This is faster and simplier.

#. How long does it take to get the card after requesting?

Ans: We receive our payments from advertisers one month later. That is why we cant send any card instantly. Estimated time of sending cards are:

  • $10 card will be sent within 10 business days
  • $20 card will be sent within 15 business days